Spartan Dance Center to undergo major renovations following first year success

August 23, 2011: 10:00 a.m.

News Facts

  • East Lansing dance studio Spartan Dance Center closed August 15, 2011 and reopen September 17, 2011 to make way for a series of renovations necessary to accommodate the studio’s growing numbers and need for a permanent space.
  • The renovations will include redesigning the property’s floor plan to make room for a new office and splitting the current one-room studio into two studios, installing new mirrors and floors and updating new equipment such as balance bars and sound system. Renovations will provide local youth with state-of-the-art as well as safer facilities to explore their creativity.
  • SDC is investing nearly $30,000 to update the space.
  • Spartan Dance Center opened its doors to the public in August 2010 at a pilot studio on Ann Street in downtown East Lansing before developers went through with plans to vacate the properties in order to redevelop the complex. SDC, along with other businesses such Lou & Harry’s and The Post, were left to relocate or shut down.
  • Spartan Dance Center re-opened its doors in January at a new property on Lake Lansing Road and Abbot Road, with hopes of providing its growing client base with a temporary location until a long-term studio could be found.
  • By the end of Spring 2011, Spartan Dance Center decided to make its Lake Lansing Road location a permanent residence and update its facilities to meet the increasing number of dancers and standards of a modern dance studio.
  • Spartan Dance Center is located on the corner of Abbot Road and Lake Lansing Road in East Lansing, Mich. The studio was created by Tiffany Russell in August 2010 and provides a range of dance education courses for children and adults of all ages.
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  • “The new studio will allow us to run adult programs simultaneously with children’s programs. Along with having some of the largest numbers, we will now be one of the best-equipped dance studios in the area. ”

—Tiffany Russell


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