Summer Block Party & Open House

In conjunction with Meridian Townships 175th Anniversary, Spartan Dance & Fit Center will host a Summer Block Party on August 12, 2017.

Open Houses will include an introduction of new services, membership options and free dance and fitness class for the public!

Current Vendors Include:  Lululemon, LuLaRoe, Rodan Fields, Kathy’s Premier Designs, Jewelry, Goldfish Swim School, Hassett-East Lansing Dental Health & Wellness, I Need Henna Art, Matilda Jane, Planet X Bounce House, Thirty One, Essential Living Oils.  Weekend Survival Kits will also be present to help raise funds for local students who need food assistance for food for the weekends.

Want to become a vendor?  Email: for more information!



Dance Company wins big at first competition

Spartan Dance Center takes home overall and specialty awards at Energy dance competition last weekend

News Facts
  • Spartan Dance Company, a new dance program comprised of three separate dance companies that allows dancers to compete at the regional level, competed for the first time at the Energy National Dance Competition Saturday, May 5th.
  • Spartan Dance Company performed three different numbers, which include a petite level hip hop and a junior level jazz and kick.
  • The petite hip hop dance company, choreographed by Rachel Bonello, took a high gold award, 3rd overall, and a Most Entertaining award.
  • The junior jazz dance company, choreographed by Leah Seery, took a high gold award, and 1st overall.
  • The junior kick dance company, choreographed by Tiffany Russell, took a silver award.
  • Energy National Dance Competition is a family friendly competition that provides every dancer with an outstanding opportunity to display their talent. The company takes pride in their top notch judges, based on professional training and experience, and for their ability to give helpful critiques to dancers and teachers.
  • Spartan Dance Company is an opportunity for dancers to take their skills to the next level by competing regionally throughout the state of Michigan. Each dancer also receives the opportunity to dance for their community in events such as the MSU Homecoming parade, Flash Mob performances, and the center’s annual spring recital.
  • Spartan Dance Center instructor and longtime competition coach Leah Seery directs Spartan Dance Company.
  • Leah Seery trained at Big City Dance Center, where she was a member of their nationally award-winning competitive company. Leah studied at Broadway Dance Center and the EDGE in Los Angeles with many distinguished choreographers. In addition to teaching at SDC, Leah coaches two different high school Pom teams.
  • Spartan Dance Center is located on the corner of Abbot Road and Lake Lansing Road in East Lansing, Mich. The studio was created by Tiffany Russell in August 2010 and provides a range of dance education courses for children and adults of all ages.
  • For more information, visit
  • “I was impressed with how the dancers performed at their first competition. They worked so hard all year and it paid off in a way that was rewarding for both us. ”
                                                                                         —Rachel Bonello, Competitive Hip-Hop Instructor
  • “Our studio is new to the competition world, but you would have never guessed it this past weekend. All of our dancers represented the studio in a fun and professional manner. I could not be more proud with the dedication of my staff, dancers, and their families.”
                                                                                                     —Tiffany Russell, Owner & Instructor

Business growth creates bold moves for dance studio

Spartan Dance Center to undergo major renovations following first year success

August 23, 2011: 10:00 a.m.

News Facts

  • East Lansing dance studio Spartan Dance Center closed August 15, 2011 and reopen September 17, 2011 to make way for a series of renovations necessary to accommodate the studio’s growing numbers and need for a permanent space.
  • The renovations will include redesigning the property’s floor plan to make room for a new office and splitting the current one-room studio into two studios, installing new mirrors and floors and updating new equipment such as balance bars and sound system. Renovations will provide local youth with state-of-the-art as well as safer facilities to explore their creativity.
  • SDC is investing nearly $30,000 to update the space.
  • Spartan Dance Center opened its doors to the public in August 2010 at a pilot studio on Ann Street in downtown East Lansing before developers went through with plans to vacate the properties in order to redevelop the complex. SDC, along with other businesses such Lou & Harry’s and The Post, were left to relocate or shut down.
  • Spartan Dance Center re-opened its doors in January at a new property on Lake Lansing Road and Abbot Road, with hopes of providing its growing client base with a temporary location until a long-term studio could be found.
  • By the end of Spring 2011, Spartan Dance Center decided to make its Lake Lansing Road location a permanent residence and update its facilities to meet the increasing number of dancers and standards of a modern dance studio.
  • Spartan Dance Center is located on the corner of Abbot Road and Lake Lansing Road in East Lansing, Mich. The studio was created by Tiffany Russell in August 2010 and provides a range of dance education courses for children and adults of all ages.
  • For more information, visit


  • “The new studio will allow us to run adult programs simultaneously with children’s programs. Along with having some of the largest numbers, we will now be one of the best-equipped dance studios in the area. ”

—Tiffany Russell


Producer will give free lecture for Lansing youth

Peter Sklar comes to scout talent and give show business advice

News Facts

  • Peter Sklar, Broadway producer and Hollywood talent scout, will come to Spartan Dance Center in East Lansing on Sunday, May 1st at 2:00 p.m. to give local youth a free lecture on beginning a career in performing arts in his series titled, “Earning a Living in the Arts.”
  • Sklar has been responsible for discovering or coaching numerous of young performers including: Sarah Jessica Parker, Mischa Barton, Reese Witherspoon, Zachery Ty Bryan, Ricki Lake and other stars of Broadway, television and film. His credentials include time spent studying concert at Julliard School of Music and a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University. Sklar has been hosting similar lectures and seminars since 1984. Currently, he is producing an original Broadway musical called, “The Kid Who Played the Palace.”
  • The lecture will cover everything one needs to know about a performing arts career. Sklar will explain why his views are in synch with the needs of top New York and Hollywood agents and casting directors.
  • “Earning a living in the Arts” is open to teenagers, young adults, older children, and parents. There is no charge for admission, but reservations are strictly required and can be made at
  • Spartan Dance Center is located on the corner of Abbot Road and Lake Lansing Road in East Lansing, Mich. The studio was created by Tiffany Russell in August 2010 and provides a range of dance education courses for children and adults of all ages.
  • For more information, visit


  • “The people who sit behind the table are trying to decide two things: do they like you, and do they believe you. If you don’t feel good mentally and physically, you won’t open up and show us who you really are. When that happens- no matter how good you are, how pretty, or who you know- we’ve already lost interest.”

—Peter Sklar

  • “We are very excited to have such a renown name come to Lansing and provide a guiding light for the area youth in performing arts. I work with young, talented people everyday and am very eager to see what Mr. Sklar can offer them in terms of a realistic and informative picture of how they can pursue their talents.

—Tiffany Russell, owner, Spartan Dance Center

East Lansing boys battle it out

EAST LANSING, MI  – Spartan Dance Center instructors Hondo Shen and Tom Morosky each took home a first place prize last month in respective regional b-boy dancing competitions.
Shen, dancer, instructor and  Lansing Community College student, competed solely along with 35 other entries in a head-to-head b-boy dance competition on Saturday, October 30th in the Taste of Victory 2 competition held in Grand Rapids by Teknique Street Dance Academy.
The competition was open to all dancers with 2 years or less experience in b-boying and brought in some of the top up-and-coming talent in the state.
Judged on the criteria of foundation, execution, dynamics, attitude and originality, Shen made it through the preliminary rounds all the way to the finals were he proceeded to dominate and take home the first place prize.
“I went into the competition thinking I would do quite well, but I guess I underestimated all the countless hours I have put into teaching and practicing at the studio,” said Shen in regards to his performance.
B-boying, for those unfamiliar with the term, is similar to what many people know as breakdancing from popular TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Best Dance Crew. The term stands for Bronx Boy, which implies the New York City borough where the dance originated in 1973 as an escape and productive activity for troubled youths in the inner city.
It is often danced to hip-hop or remixed music and consists of popping, spinning, floor dancing and stylish poses. Competitions among b-boyers are called battles.
Shen isn’t the only SDC instructor to taste the sweetness of dance victory recently.
Earlier last month Morosky, a Medical Technology Junior at Michigan State University, joined his fellow Robotops crew  to compete in U of M Hip Hop Academys’s “Diag Hip Hop Festival” held in the Union of the University of Michigan on October 2nd.
The competition highligthed 23 of the most talented b-boying dance groups in southeast Michigan as they contested to earn the top title and take home a cash prize of $150.
After Morosky and his crew advanced to the final round to be matched up with fellow Michigan group Canton Clan, special guest judges and b-boy dance veterans Bboy Born, Bboy U-Turn and BennyBen concluded Morosky and his fellow Robotops as the winners.
Though Hondo Shen has only been dancing for two years, he has created an extensive portfolio. After he started dancing and teaching at CASS Community Center in Detroit, he began to work with local dance groups like Extreme Pom Pon, PNC and Hardcore Detroit Crew, a group he still belongs to. Shen went on to compete and win in b-boy competitions throughout the state and Midwest. With his crew he has performed in the Tigers half-time show, Lions half-time show, World Salsa Congress Tour and concert performances with Evan Flows.
Tom Morosky is no rookie either. After he started teaching four years ago, Tom has since became Vice President of MSU’s Break Dance Club, a member of Robotops and Weapons of Rhythm and has competed and won competitions all the way from New York to California. He has also had the opportunity to perform in several shows, including the 2009 Thanksgiving Detroit Lions half-time show with Jesse McCartney and a half-time show with Automotion and the Detroit Pistons.
“We have a lot of talented instructors here at Spartan Dance Center and Tom and Hondo’s recent competition wins are proof of that,” commented Spartan Dance Center owner and director Tiffany Russell.
The center is located in downtown East Lansing and offers both an Adult Drop-In program for students and adults and a Jr. Spartans program for children ages 2 through 15.
Classes at SDC include salsa, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, b-boying, ballet, tumbling, zumba and more. Spartan Dance Center aims at being the most affordable and flexible dance studio in the greater Lansing area.

Spartan Dance Center kicks off dance competition

EAST LANSING, MI – Spartan Dance Center invites the public to participate in its first ever “EL: Think You Can Dance” dance competition where local talent and dancers from afar will compete for tickets to attend the Detroit appearance of FOX Network’s “So You Think You Can Dance” tour in late October along with many other prizes.

What: Dance Competition
When: Wednesday, Oct. 13 (8-10 pm)
Who Should Attend: Public is welcome
Where: The Post, 213 Ann St., East Lansing, MI 48823, 517.332.7678.

The final dance competition will be held in downtown East Lansing at The Post where the public is welcome to attend the competition, win prizes and enjoy special performances by Michigan State University dance groups. The competition aims to showcase the artistic talents of residents while offering spectators a fun and unique night of entertainment.

Entertainment will include a live DJ and regular services by The Post Bar.

The grand prize for the competition is two free tickets to FOX Network’s highly rated “So You Think You Can Dance” tour appearance in Detroit, MI on October 20th. The show will feature the current season’s most popular routines and dancers and winners.

After a positive turnout for auditions, eight finalists have made the cut to compete in the final showcase. Joining the competitors are local dance groups, including dance instructors from SDC, who will perform various times throughout the night.

The center provides dancers of all types with the dance options to fit various schedules, skill levels and preferences. The SDC offers several different class levels in a variety of styles that include: lyrical,salsa,contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, zumba, hip-hop and broadway.

The SDC strives to provide a user friendly and affordable dance studio to dancers of all ages through adults drop-in classes and the Junior Spartans program.

Tiffany Russell, Director of SDC, teaches ballet, jazz, tap and Zumba. She is originally from Essexville, MI and has been dancing and instructing all her life.

She was trained at Bay Valley Academy, Perry Wooderd School of Dance, Russian Ballet Academy and Broadway Dance Center. She attended Central Michigan University where she studied social networking.

Driven by a passion for the arts. She has traveled internationally as the primary dancer for “ROADS” 1998-1999, where she visited 7 countries 55 cities, and completed over 100 performances.

New dance center ‘taps’ into East Lansing

Spartan Dance Center debuts its pilot studio

EAST LANSING, Mich.  – The Spartan Dance Center is proud to announce two open house celebrations for the opening of its new pilot studio in the heart of East Lansing.

What: Family Open House
When: Thursday, August 26, 2010 (2-9pm)
Who Should Attend: Adults and children
Where: The Spartan Dance Center!

What: Student Open House
When: Tue & Wed, Aug 31- Sep 1, 2010 (2-9pm)
Who Should Attend: College Students
Where: The Spartan Dance Center!

SDC is Located on Albert Ave., and is nested next to The Post Bar. The general public is encouraged to attend both events!

The Spartan Dance Center is an affordable and accommodating traditional dance alternative for students, adults and children of all ages.

Spartan Dance Center provides dancers of all types with the dance options to fit various schedules, skill levels and preferences. The SDC offers several different class levels in a variety of styles that include: lyrical, contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, zumba, hip-hop and broadway. Spartan Dance Center strives to provide a user friendly and affordable dance studio to dancers of all ages.

Adults and students may participate in ‘drop-in’ classes that require no registration or membership and are held at regular intervals throughout the day. The flexible class structure allows dancers to either pay by the class or purchase a pre-loaded “class card” at a discounted rate. SpartyCash is accepted for MSU students.

Children can participate in the “Junior Spartans,” a special program for children aged 3-15 years old. The Junior Spartan program is catered to teaching and perfecting the basics of dance technique, in preperation for advanced level dance classes. The program is fun, energetic, and strives to teach basic dance technique to beginners.

Spartan Dance Center was created by Tiffany Russell.  Her passion for dance began at a very young age when she began training at Bay Valley Academy. Later she studied at Perry Wooderd School of Dance, Russian Ballet Academy and Broadway Dance Center.  In addition, Tiffany danced for the global dance production “ROADS” from 1998-1999.  With the production, she travelled to 7 countries, 55 cities and completed over 100 performances at an international dance level. She also performed in Carousel, My Fair Lady, Wizard of Oz, Guy and Doll’s, Damn Yankee’s, Into the Woods and Cinderella. Tiffany obtained a Bachelor of Art in Fashion Design from the Illinois Institute of Art in 2002. Tiffany is also a custom wedding gown designer and has recently opened Schurrel Design in Haslett, Michigan.

Other instructiors of Spartan Dance Center include: Stephanie Carrier, Hongda Shen, Leah Seery, Alysha Choate, Laura Swanson, Kim Kondrat, Alvin Davis, Tom Morosky, Emily Keliszewski and Ida Löwbäck.

Many of the instructors have attended premiere dance schools, travelled extensively, preformed in iconic shows and professional sporting events and earned prestigous awards for their successes.

Michigan Sate University students, Erin Boydell and Luke Miller serve as Group Services Director and Public Relations and Media Director. Erin is a senior in the Public Relations and Advertising program. Luke is a sophomore in Communications.