Fit Kids!

Spartan Dance & Fit Center is excited to introduce our new fitness program for youth.  Teen Crossbox and Teen Spartan 30 are sure to supplement your child’s athletic training or give them a jump start into the fitness world.  Each week your child will work to train their mind and body to gain self esteem while gaining physical strength!

Youth CrossBox
 Kid’s Crossbox (Ages 10 & up) –  Kid’s will learn basic crossbox technique in this 3 month session.  This class is taught by Brian Daniels and is sure to be a “hit” with your kids!
*  Gloves and wraps are a necessity for this class
Gloves $30  Wraps $10
Three Month Session = $135 
Teen Spartan 30
Teen Spartan 30 (Ages 12 & Up) – Teen Spartan 30 is an express workout that incorporates 8 minutes of Cycle, 8 minutes of Cardio and 8 minutes of Strength in our personal training studio.  This class is taught by Becky Newcombe and is limited to 12 students at a time and guaranteed to make you sweat.
Three Month Session = $105