Spartan Dance Center debuts its pilot studio

EAST LANSING, Mich.  – The Spartan Dance Center is proud to announce two open house celebrations for the opening of its new pilot studio in the heart of East Lansing.

What: Family Open House
When: Thursday, August 26, 2010 (2-9pm)
Who Should Attend: Adults and children
Where: The Spartan Dance Center!

What: Student Open House
When: Tue & Wed, Aug 31- Sep 1, 2010 (2-9pm)
Who Should Attend: College Students
Where: The Spartan Dance Center!

SDC is Located on Albert Ave., and is nested next to The Post Bar. The general public is encouraged to attend both events!

The Spartan Dance Center is an affordable and accommodating traditional dance alternative for students, adults and children of all ages.

Spartan Dance Center provides dancers of all types with the dance options to fit various schedules, skill levels and preferences. The SDC offers several different class levels in a variety of styles that include: lyrical, contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, zumba, hip-hop and broadway. Spartan Dance Center strives to provide a user friendly and affordable dance studio to dancers of all ages.

Adults and students may participate in ‘drop-in’ classes that require no registration or membership and are held at regular intervals throughout the day. The flexible class structure allows dancers to either pay by the class or purchase a pre-loaded “class card” at a discounted rate. SpartyCash is accepted for MSU students.

Children can participate in the “Junior Spartans,” a special program for children aged 3-15 years old. The Junior Spartan program is catered to teaching and perfecting the basics of dance technique, in preperation for advanced level dance classes. The program is fun, energetic, and strives to teach basic dance technique to beginners.

Spartan Dance Center was created by Tiffany Russell.  Her passion for dance began at a very young age when she began training at Bay Valley Academy. Later she studied at Perry Wooderd School of Dance, Russian Ballet Academy and Broadway Dance Center.  In addition, Tiffany danced for the global dance production “ROADS” from 1998-1999.  With the production, she travelled to 7 countries, 55 cities and completed over 100 performances at an international dance level. She also performed in Carousel, My Fair Lady, Wizard of Oz, Guy and Doll’s, Damn Yankee’s, Into the Woods and Cinderella. Tiffany obtained a Bachelor of Art in Fashion Design from the Illinois Institute of Art in 2002. Tiffany is also a custom wedding gown designer and has recently opened Schurrel Design in Haslett, Michigan.

Other instructiors of Spartan Dance Center include: Stephanie Carrier, Hongda Shen, Leah Seery, Alysha Choate, Laura Swanson, Kim Kondrat, Alvin Davis, Tom Morosky, Emily Keliszewski and Ida Löwbäck.

Many of the instructors have attended premiere dance schools, travelled extensively, preformed in iconic shows and professional sporting events and earned prestigous awards for their successes.

Michigan Sate University students, Erin Boydell and Luke Miller serve as Group Services Director and Public Relations and Media Director. Erin is a senior in the Public Relations and Advertising program. Luke is a sophomore in Communications.


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