Male Dance Team: 

We offer exciting and masculine classes for Boys and young men that are educational, with a focus on athleticism and technique. Classes are designed to improve the desired skills and future lives of male dancers.  Our Training begins as young as 5 years old for the competitive dance program. Our young men’s program provides the opportunity to train and compete in many styles of dance including Hip Hop, b-boy, partnering, musical theater, jazz and ballet. Our program offers many opportunities and options leaving them feeling enriched, empowered, competitive and connected to their dance community. We believe in growing well rounded young men and encourage our male dancers to participate in other sports and activities outside of the dance studio. Recognizing that dance helps our male dancers excel in strength, coordination, fitness and agility; we work closely with your dancer and family to structure a schedule that allows for them to participate and grow in other activities while training for excellence in competitive dance.  Our Male dancers train between 2 and 7 hours a week depending on their individualized schedule.  

Ages:  Ages 5 and Up (Competitive)