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Competitive Team Bullying Policy

Bullying Policy

Bullying can be best defined as a behavior that is intended to cause, or should be known to cause people to feel uncomfortable or threatened.  Bullying is an action that hurts, frightens, upsets, or demeans someone else.  It can be committed by a group or a single individual and may involve repeated and systematic harassment and attacks or a single incident of inappropriate conduct designed to harass or intimidate a victim.  Bullying can take many forms, none of which are acceptable. 

The main types of bullying include:

Verbal: name calling/put downs, insults, racist comments, sexist comments, teasing/taunting, threatening/extortion, harassment.
Physical: Hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, inappropriate gestures/touching, tripping, stealing.
Relational: Manipulating friendships, gossip, rumors, exclusion, intimidation, written notes. 
Cyber Bullying: Email, social networking, instant message, text message, cell phone communication, blogs, chat rooms

All incidents of bullying that are reported to SDC personnel will be dealt with.  Students who engage in bullying-type behavior can expect a progressive disciplinary route with the ultimate goal of changing student behaviors.  To get there, students can expect documentation of information, contact with parents, and progress to suspension & removal from the team if bullying behaviors do not stop.  The welfare and dignity of all students will be respected throughout any disciplinary action taken.


First Offense:  Documented write report in students file and parents will be notified
Second Offense: Dancer will be put on a week suspension from team
Third Offense: Dancer will be dismissed for team

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