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Class Expectations

Weekly Technique

Weekly classes will begin September 12th, 2022 and conclude June 2nd, 2023.

Team members are expected to have regular attendance at all scheduled, weekly technique classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays.  

At any point throughout the course of the year, should your dancers schedule need to change to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified via text and email for our adjusted class schedule.

In the event that a dancer can not attend their scheduled time due to illness or other conflicts, they should notify staff ahead of time.  A make up class is required for all team classes missed.  

Wednesday Rehearsals

In addition to weekly technique classes, team members will also have a scheduled time slot every week to rehearse their competition routines. These will be mostly on Wednesday afternoon/evenings, (although some routines may be on a different day) and will take place in-person.

These rehearsals are also mandatory, and only major events such as family emergencies, illness, and graded school events will be excused. Should a child need to miss a Wednesday rehearsal, they should notify staff ahead of time, as well as learn any missed choreography/corrections prior to their return to class.

While we understand that over the course of the season, illness/conflicts will arise, we expect team members to make their rehearsals a priority and make every effort to avoid scheduling other activities during rehearsal time. In the event of chronic absenteeism, the faculty will reach out to the parent of the dancer to discuss options.

Closer to competition, there may be additional rehearsals added on weekends. We will do our best to provide ample notice.

Training Outside of Class

As of rigfht now, our competitive team is only a 2-3 day a week program with minimal weekend commitment. This is in an effort to keep one program from monopolizing a child's time.  However, the dancer should not expect 2 days of training a week to drastically improve their flexibility and strength (two elements essential for success as a competitive company as well as injury prevention), nor should they expect that Wednesday class alone is enough for them to master the choreography that was taught.  Consequently, team members will be expected to do some training outside of the classroom as well. 

Team members should:

  • Stretch sides, legs, backs, ankles daily

  • Strengthen core, ankles, and do other forms of cross-training to improve strength and stamina

  • Review and practice full out all choreography

  • Drill and improve all necessary skills like turns, leaps, jumps, and tricks


Team members must:

Come to each rehearsal with a solid knowledge of the material that was taught previously. Dancers who do not may be required to pay the instructor for privates, or in extreme circumstances, be removed from the routine.


***Note to parents: We encourage your children to utilize videos of the choreography to practice at home. However, these videos are for your use ONLY and should not be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, etc. or shared with dancers from other studios.

Spartan Dance Center Competitive Team
Class Expectations
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