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2022-2023 Competition Schedule

All competitive teams will attend (3) regional competitions. These competitions are held on weekends beginning as early as February. We will endeavor to stay within an hour-long drive to the event if possible.

Dates of the competition weekends we will be attending will be announced at least three months prior, and a more detailed schedule of call times and performance times will be available about a week prior to each competition.  Based on the number of entries at each 
completion, we have encountered competition starting at 7:00am and ending as late as 11:00pm.  Call times will be set based on your dancers performance time. 

In addition to your child’s competition fees, some of our regional competitions may include a media fee. Typically the cost is around $25-$35 per dancer, and includes access to all your child’s professional photos and videos of their dances from that event.  Media fees will be due prior to the competition, and you will be notified before payment withdraws.

Dancers can not be registered for a competition unless their competition/media fees are paid by the due date.
Dancers and family members are expected to abide by all rules and regulations put forth by SDC and the competition companies at each event. 
Dancers and family members are expected to abide by the code of conduct and exhibit outstanding sportsmanship at all competitions.

Competition 1:  Starbound
  • March 10-12 2023
  • Location:  Walled Lake Area
Competition 2:  Imagine
  • April 14-16 2023
  • Location:  Lansing Area
Competition 3:  CRU
  • April 28-30 2023
  • Location:  Brighton/Howell Area
Nationals:  June 26-30
  • Location:  Chicago Area
         ONLY Full Company Dancers 
Nationals Information
Questions ?

When will we get the weekend competition schedule?

     ~ Competition companies typically release the competition schedule 1 week before the competition begins. 

What does "CALL TIME" mean?

     ~ Call time means that your dancer is dressed in their costume, hair and make up done, and with the appropriate instructor.

Can I go backstage?

      ~  Parents are not allowed backstage at the competitions.

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