MI Safer Sports information testing at Spartan Dance & Fit Center

Consent Form form for Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Testing

To support our dancers, ninjas, their families, and our community, SDFC will be offering FREE rapid antigen testing to all dancers, ninjas, and staff 13 and older.  Testing will be done weekly at Spartan & Dance and Fit Center.  Dancers on our competitive team will need an additional test 24 hours before competition.  Without participating in testing, your athlete, under MI rules, will not be able to take class, practice or compete.

Forms to be turned in by March 31, 2021

Consent & Registration Form for Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test

Below is a printable version of the Consent form for the rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test.  Please print and send with all dancers/ninjas who are 13 and older.  Paperwork must be turned in by March 31, 2021.  Thank you!