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Livestream Concert

Friday Night - Join our livestream concert of our 2019-2020 Competitive dancers taking stage in a fun outdoor dance concert.  

Saturday Night - Join our livestream concert of our 2020-2021 dancers sharing their talent on our outdoor stage!    

Sunday Night - Join our livestream concert of our 2020-2021 dancers sharing their talent on our outdoor stage!

How to Purchase Tickets:

1.  Click on the button to bring you to our purchase site:

2.  Click on the calendar in the upper right corner to select the date of the show you would like to purchase livestream access.

3.  Click "Sign Up Now"

4.   If you already have a mindbody account created "sign in" and skip to step 

5.  if you do not have a mindbody account, please create an account.

6.  Under Make a Reservation, select "MYSELF"

7.  Select "Make a Single Reservation"

8.  Enter payment information OR proceed to checkout if your card is already on file

9. IF you are asked "which series or membership would you like to purchase."  Click on the button labeled "LIVESTREAM CONCERT"

10.  The next screen will again show the livestream performance day you selected.  Click the
BLUE checkout button.

1.  The next screen will verify the email address your livestream link will be sent too.  Please click "Place Order."

12. The last screen will be your detailed receipt

Before the Show:

1.  Please follow the troubleshooting below listed under "Other browser troubleshooting." 

2. Be sure your computer settings allow for camera and microphone access


How to stream the show:

1.  An email will be sent to the email that you purchased livestream with 1 hours before the show begins. (If you do not see an email, please follow the troubleshooting information below.)


2.  Click on the link in your email. (Note: Livestream link cannot be forwarded or shared, this will deactivate your link)

3.  You will be asked to sign in using the email address and password created when purchasing livestream.

4. Please click on Open Mindbody Live on the pop up or screen.

5. You should see a blue screen that says "You're in the right place.  The host should start the live stream soon."

6.  Keep your screen open until the show starts!

7.  If you have trouble, please follow troubleshooting below.  

8. If you are still having trouble, please text "livestream" to 517-225-0096.  

Please be advised that the texting system will be answered as quickly as possible.  We will be unable to answer the texting system 1 hour before the show begins. 

Livestream Troubleshooting

I did not receive a link for livestream.

1. Check both your junk AND spam accounts. They are two different folders in most email programs. 2. Be sure you are checking the email account that you registered with mindbody.

3. If you email address is listed under more than 1 user in mindbody, you will need to remove the email address so it is under only 1 account. If you are unable to locate the email, text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

Other browser toubleshooting (including sound and black screen)

https://support.mindbodyonline.com/s/article/Live-stream-browser-support?language=en_US If you are still having trouble, text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

I am being asked to "Sign In" to the class.

1. Clear your cashe & cookies and try "Sign In" again through the link the email. (If you have multiple daners using the same device for class, the system often saves the past email address. Clearning the cashe and cookies should solve this problem.) 2. Be sure you are using the email address that your class link was sent too. If you are still having trouble text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

Livestream Troubleshooting