Please follow the below steps to troubleshoot common livestream errors.
If the steps below do not work, please text "Livestream" to 517-225-0096 and a staff member will help you as soon as possible. 

How does my dancer get into their Livestream class?

1. An email will be sent to the email address of the registered dancer before each class.

You can expect an email to arrive to the inbox of your registered dancer 10-30 minutes before your dancers class begins. For security of our dancers, each class will have a new email weekly to ensure only the registered dancers can enter the classroom. (If your dancer has mutliple classes, each class will also have it's own email.)

2.  Open the email and click on the link for the dance class.

The link should be in a blue box in the middle of the email. Click on the hyperlink.

3.  After clicking on the link, please sign into the class using the username and password set up during registration.

It is important at this time to sign into the class with the email address that the link was sent too, as well as the password that was set up for you through step 1.

How does my dancer get into their Livestream class?

Livestream Troubleshooting

I did not receive an email for my dancers class.

1. Check all email address that we have on file to ensure you did not receive the email to a different address. 2. Check your junk mail AND spam accounts. If you are unable to locate the email, text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

I am receiving an error message in my browser.

1. Ensure your browser IS allowing pop ups. 2. Clear your cashe and cookies. 3. We have found Chrome to work best and Safari as a close second. Please refer to the table below. If you are still having trouble, text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

I am being asked to "Sign In" to the class.

1. Clear your cashe & cookies and try "Sign In" again through the link the email. (If you have multiple daners using the same device for class, the system often saves the past email address. Clearning the cashe and cookies should solve this problem.) 2. Be sure you are using the email address that your class link was sent too. If you are still having trouble text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

I got into last weeks class but I am not able to get in this week.

For security purposes, every week will have a new link to get into dance class. Check to ensure you are not looking at last weeks email. If you are still having trouble text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

I cannot hear/see the instructor.

1. Be sure your browser allows for popups. 2. Exit the class, resign in, and be sure to allow microphone and video use for class. If you are still having trouble text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

I am in the class but do not see the instructor.

1. Signing in early to a class is permitted, however you will be placed in a waiting room until the instuctor signs in to start class. 2. If you are not placed in a waiting room, but see a black box, this means your instructor is in the class, but class has not begun yet. Sit tight, class will begin on time! If you are still having trouble text "HELP" to 517-225-0096

Livestream Troubleshooting