Ninja Creed

Master the Skills!  Live the Values!

As a Ninja, I pledge to....

-  Respect and Honor my parents, teachers, siblings, peers & authority figures. 
-  Use proper manners at home and in public.
-  Take self-responsibility for my actions.
-  Exhibit impulse restraint & make good decisions.
-  Work hard at everything I do.
-  Never let any obstacles get in the way of success.
-  Help others grow to the next level.
-  Have fun while being responsible and safe.
-  Use my Ninja powers only for good and helpful purposes.
-  Resolve conflict in a peaceful, quiet and respectful manner.
-  Reach my full potential each day by pushing my body, mind & soul.
-  Learn at least one new thing each day in school, at home, or in Ninja class.ll endeavors