Pre Company: 

Pre-Company is a competitive program designed to be a stepping stone into our Company. It offers an age-appropriate time commitment, and is a great fit for dancers who are focused and hard-working in their dance classes and are looking to further their skills. Pre-Company lays a foundation for future acquisition of more advanced dance skills through fun-focused methods. At this level, technique, proper placement, and timing begin to be emphasized, and the idea of goal-setting is introduced. Members of this team take 5 hours of class per week (spread out over 3 days), including jazz, tap, and ballet, plus acro, jump & turns, and feet & legs. Members of the Pre-Company program gain technical skills and performance experience beyond what they would receive in a recreational class as a result of the structure of the program. Dancers expand their performance experience by competing 2 routines instead of 1.


Ages:  Ages 8-9 (Competitive)