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Competitive Team Attendance Policy

As a member of a competitive team, attendance is of the utmost importance. When a dancer is not at practice, it is detrimental to both their individual progress as well as the success of the team as a whole. By missing technique classes, dancers are not improving in their strength, stamina, and mastery of skills, and will struggle to execute choreography. By missing rehearsal classes, dancers are not able to practice partnering, formations, synchronization and hear corrections and changes to the routine. In order to keep each dancer moving forward and have the most successful competitive season possible, we ask all team dancers to adhere to our attendance policies listed below:


Full Company Attendance:  

  • Dancers are expected to attend ALL scheduled classes, including:  technique, choreography, required recital classes, extra rehearsals, etc.

  • TECHNIQUE: Dancers who miss technique class for any reason MUST attend a makeup class within 4 weeks of the missed class. Dancers who fail to make up their excused technique absences within 4 weeks will be asked to attend a meeting with staff to determine the appropriate next step.  Steps may include: mandatory scheduled make up, private instruction (paid for by family), removal from choreography/routines/team (refunds will not be given)

  • WEEKLY COMPETITION DANCE REHEARSALS: Dancers who miss rehearsals for competition dances for any reason MUST come back the next week with a full and complete knowledge of the material from the week before. Failure to do so may result in the following: removal from sections of choreography, mandatory privates at an additional cost to the dancer, removal from routines*.

  • Dancers who attend class but are not actively participating (observing class) will be required to take a make-up class

  • Dancers who must miss a technique class or choreography class will be expected to notify staff via the Jackrabbit Parent Portal before class begins.

  • Dancers who must miss a solo/duo/trio rehearsal will be expected to notify their individual teacher via text before class begins.


Tardiness/Early Dismissal:

  • Dancers are expected to arrive prior to the start of class.  This allows for ample time to be prepared for class.

  • If a dancer misses more than 1/3 of the class time, dancer will be required to take a make-up class.


How to make up classes:

  • For illness, holiday, family emergency:  Please view our make up schedule on our team page of the website.

  • For other activities (school, extra-curricular, etc.):  A meeting with the staff MUST be scheduled prior to the start of fall classes in order to determine the appropriate make up schedule to meet both the requirement and needs of both dancer and the competitive team

Part Time, Pre-Co & Little Spartans Attendance: 

These competitive teams are also expected to have great attendance but are not held to Full Company Policy. Class/rehearsal absences for all teams will be reviewed periodically and play a large factor when deciding a dancer’s inclusion/exclusion for a piece(s) in the current and/or following team year.

* Please note that removal from sections of routine or team does not receive a refund and all team competition fees will still be due in addition to the tuition cancellation fees.

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