Team Tuition & Competition Fees

Team Tuition: 

Team tuition covers the weekly dance classes for Team. Team Tuition varies depending on your dancers team. 

Options for payment is explained below:


         Option 1:  Pay in full for the 2021-2022 dance year.  Pay in full with check by September 1 and receive a 5% discount.

         Option 2:  2021-2022 tuition divided evenly over 10 months.  Payment will be withdrawn on the 1st of every month from September - June. 


Regional Competition Fees:

Regional competition fees cover the required 3 competitions each team travels to throughout the dance season.

Options for payment is explained below:


        Option 1:  Pay in full for the 2021-2022 regional competition dance year.  

        Option 2:  2021-2022 regional comp fees will be divided over 6 payments.  Payment will be withdrawn on the 15th of every month from Sept - Feb.  

Media Fees:

Some competition companies have moved to a required Media Fee Model.  Typically the cost is around $25-$35 per dancer, and includes access to all your child's professional photos and videos of their dances from that Regional competition fees cover the required 3 competitions each team travels to throughout the dance season.


                Due Date:  TBD

Choreography Fees:

Choreography fees for most group dance are included in your tuition.  Solos/Duos/Trios have an additional cost for individual choreography.  In addition to Solo/Duo/Trios, as the company grows, we strive to provide opportunities to our dancers, including guest choreographers from across the US.                                           


                             Guest Choreography Fees:  Guest choreography fees range in price from $50 -$300 per dancer depending on the number of                                                                                           children in the piece and where we are flying the  choreographer in from.  If your child has been invited                                                                                 to participate in one of these pieces, it will be indicated on their placement sheet.                                                     

                                                                             Due Date:  TBD


                Solo/Due/Trio Choreography Fees:  Solos, duos and trios have a one time choreography fee that is paid directly to the choreographer.  The                                                                                 choreography fee is $300 per dance. (Solos - $300, Duos - $150/dancer, Trios - $100/dancer). 


                                                                             Due Date:  Day of first rehearsal


Nationals Competition Fees:

Nationals competition fees cover the 1 National competition for Full Company.  National competition fees will be given once our 2021 Nationals Competition is decided.  (Nationals fees are not included in the Regional Competition payments)

Options for payment is explained below:


                Option 1:  Pay in full for the 2021-2022 Nationals competition.  (Due date TBD)  

Costume & Production Fees

Costume Fees: 

Costume fees are broken down into two payments for our dance families.  Deposits are taken early in the season in order for SDC to purchase the costumes.  Balances are due after the first of the year once the final costume is designed.  (rhinestones, accessories, alterations, etc)


                Costume Deposits:   Costume deposits are $45 per costume.  (Due date TBD)

                Costume Balances:   Costume balances will be given as soon as possible. (Due date TBD)


Production Fee:

Production fee covers many things through the dance year.  Music rights, music editing software, music storage, etc.  These are costs associated with the production of weekly classes, competition dances, and recital. 


                Production Fee:  Production fee is $35 per dancer  (Due date TBD)

Team Warm-Ups & Team Bag:

Company members will be required to own one company jacket, warm-up pants and a team bag.  These items will need to be replaced when needed.

                Link to Warm-Up Order Form:  Click Here


Shoes, Tights, Accessories & MakeUp:

All company members will need to purchase tights, performance shoes, earrings and hair clips to be worn at competition only.  Shoes and tights should be replaced as needed.   Female dancers will need to purchase matching team make up.


                Link to Shoes/Tights/Accessories/MakeUp form:  Click Here


Fundraising Profits

Individual Fundraising Profits: 

ALL individual fundraising profits go directly to your dancer's account!  Our fundraising committee offers many opportunities throughout the year.  Dances may take part in as many or as few as they would like!  

How fundraising profits are credited to dancer:


                    First:      All fundraising profits are taken off dancer's competition fees starting with the last month.  While we offer a monthly payment plan                                       for competition fees, SDC pays competition fees in full at the beginning of the season.  Applying fundraising to competition fees                                           first helps  SDC to cover comp cost immediately. 

                                   Ex.  Dancer owes $100 a month Sept - June for competition fees.  Dancer makes $25 in their first fundraiser.  The $25 would come off                                                                              of June comp fees, bringing the cost down to $75 for June. 

                Second:    After all comp fees are covered, dancer may apply fundraising to their choice (tuition, costume deposits, costume balances) 


Team Fundraising Profits:

SDC holds team fundraisers such as car wash, Mom-to-Mom sale, etc.  These are fun, team bonding events that help with some of the extras for team events and costs.  

Team Fundraising Profits help with: 


                Events:  Prizes for Dance-a-thon, paper products for Dance-a-thon, Spirit week items, extra rehearsal snacks, prop trailer storage, prop trailer                                 maintenance, MSU parade shirts, Team room supplies, etc. 



Dancer Tuition Discounts: 

We have many opportunities to decrease your monthly tuition.   

See below:


                           Sibling Discount:     Families with multiple dancers at SDC will receive a 7% discount on tuition for each dancer.

                    Paid in Full Discount:     Families will receive a 5% discount of tuition if paid in full with check by 9/1/21.  

        Fundraising Chair Discount:     Parents who hold the position of one of our fundraising chairs will receive a 10% discount off tuition.

                                                             (Chair positions may be shared and the discount will be split.)