2021-2022 Auditions Results

Congratulations on a successful audition! We are excited to welcome you to our 2021-2022 competitive teams! We are incredibly excited to be kicking off the season, and are looking forward to a great 11th season of competitive dance.  Please read below for important start-up details.


Team placement (Fall classes):  Please pick up from studio on July 15th between 4-6.

Ahn, Elyssa

Aho, Bryce

Anderson, Jadyn

Andrews, Elaina

Anton, Julie

Beauregard, Liam

Beckwith, Madeleine

Blair, Avery

Bolda, Katie Rose

Burton, Caleb

Choo, Natalie

Curran, Tara

Davis, Georgia

Eldridge, Claire

Eldridge, Vivian

Flink, Sarah

Gutierrez, Elizabeth

Handspike, Lauren

Heethuis, Chloe

Heethuis, Claire

Hogan, Francesca

Hughes, Ava

Kaplan, Ginna

Kempel, Katie

Kimball, Grace

Kranz, Elesa

Lennemann, Amelia

Magruder, Peri

Micol, Yuki

Mullins, Alora

Mullins, Everett (Full Company Hip Hop)

Nelson, Kate

Padgett, Emersyn

Pekrul, Vada

Perez, May

Pricco, McKenzie

Ramereiz, Lilly

Ricks, Addie

Russell, Addie

Russell, Averie

Ruvolo, Brody (Full Company Hip Hop)

Thompson-Orsua, Isabella

Wagner, Jackie

Warner, Jonathon

Warner, Kayla

Winkler, Gabe

Ball, Maya (First Step Full Company)

Blank, Addy (First Step Full Company)

Johnson, Kelsey (First Step Full Company)

Johnson, Kendall (First Step Full Company)

Hallan, Olivia

Keith, Clara

Miller, Maddie (First Step Full Company)

Munger, Mia 

Pruitt, Talana (First Step Full Company)

Robison, Auden

Russell, Sabah (First Step Full Company)

Sleight, Leyla (First Step Full Company)

Butcher, Claire

Ma, Erica

Martin, Siobhan

Mensah, Edna

McKillop, Harper

Mullins, Reid

Russell, Aubrey

Schwarz-Steinke, Veronica

Sprecher, Roslyn

Szuma, Temperance

Toney, Kay

Older Group

Blank, Ella

Butcher, Christine

Cousineau, Caleigh

Hicks, Tristan

Hicks, Olivia

Laskos, Norah

Maitland, Josie

Sachdev, Aurora

Younger Group

Arakelian, Isabelle

Casby, Chloe

Hewson, Finlay

Laskos, Kennedy

Martin, Savigna

Roth, Elise

Sachdev, Ari

Werner, Sophia

Wipple, Aubrey

Start-Up Details

Summer Technique

Pre CompanySummer Technique (required)

                        Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00pm

                            July 14 - August 11

                            Cost: $95

Little Spartans - Dancers are strongly encouraged to take Summer Camps & Classes.  Click HERE for schedule.

Part-Time CompanyDancers are strongly encouraged to take Summer Classes.  Click HERE for schedule.

First Step Full Company / Part-Time Company -  


Summer Technique (required)

Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 (Jazz/Contemporary)

Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 (Hip Hop)

Full Company - Summer Technique (required)

                           July 14 - August 11                           
                           15 & up - Wednesdays from 9:00am - 12:00

                           14 & under - Wednesdays from 12:00-3:00

                           Cost: $150

                           Summer Intensive Camp

                           August 16-20

                           9:00am - 4:00pm

                           Cost: $225

New Members - Welcome kit

* All members new to SDC team will need to purchase the welcome kit. 

Female Dancers

  • Team leotard

  • Team warm up jacket

  • Team bag

  • Team makeup

  • Team hairclip & earrings

Price: $299

Male Dancers

  • Team shirt

  • Team warm up jacket

  • Team bag

Price: $200


* Please submit sizes through our ELECTRONIC ORDER FORM by August 1st, 2022

Fall Class Placements / Fall Registration Form

Fall Dancer placement sheets (dance schedule) will be available for pick up at the studio.

When: JULY 15th

Time:  4:00-6:00pm

Registration Form will need to be filled out and can be found on our website.  Click HERE

Due Date:  August 15th

Parent Kick Off Meeting:  Mandatory Parent Meeting - ZOOM

Little Spartans - July 20th @ 5:30pm

                             Zoom Meeting ID:  829 3247 8874

                             Zoom Password: 517517

Pre Company -   July 20th @ 6:00pm

                             Zoom Meeting ID: 838 7801 2759

                             Zoom Password: 517517

Part-Time -        July 20th @6:45pm

                           Zoom Meeting ID: 851 9644 7793

                           Zoom Password: 517517

First Step/PT -   July 22nd @ 5:30pm

                            Zoom Meeting ID: 830 8774 1096

                            Zoom Password: 517517

Full Company - July 22nd @ is the 6:15pm

                           Zoom Meeting ID: 819 5804 2443

                           Zoom Password: 517517