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2023-2024 Audition Results

Congratulations on a successful audition! We are excited to welcome you to our 2023-2024 competitive teams! We are incredibly excited to be kicking off the season, and are looking forward to a great 13th season of competitive dance.  Please read below for important start-up details.


Fall class schedule:  You will receive your dancers fall schedule later this summer.  Please watch for a text for date.

Adarkwa, Lily

Ahn, Elyssa

Aho, Bryce

Anderson, Jadyn

Andrews, Elaina

Beauregard, Liam

Beckwith, Madeleine

Burton, Caleb

Butcher, Claire

Choo, Natalie

Curran, Tara

Davis, Georgia

Eldridge, Claire

Eldridge, Vivian

Flink, Sarah

Heethuis, Chloe

Heethuis, Claire

Hogan, Francesca

Kaplan, Ginna

Lennemann, Amelia

Mullins, Alora

Mullins, Reid

Padgett, Emersyn

Perez, May

Ricks, Addie

Russell, Aubrey

Schwarz-Steinke, Veronica

Sprecher, Roslyn

Thompson-Orsua, Isabella

Warner, Kayla

Part Time Company

Grams, Harper

Joseph, Claire

Hallen, Olivia

Maitland, Josie

Miller, Maddie

Munger, Mia

Rustad, Harper

Ruvolo, Brody

Sayers, Laura

Sherman, Roslyn

Sprecher, Gigi

Wilcox, Aislinn

First Step 
(First year on Full Company)

Ball, Maya

Beauregard, Miles

Blank, Ella

Boldrey, Laurel

Burkey, Abigail

Butcher, Christine

Cosner-Almanza, Harmony

Green, Aniyah

Hennes, Aleksandra

Jubb, Marlie

Kimmerly, Henry

Langeler, Avia

Laskos, Norah

Pricco, McKenzie

Robison, Auden

Russell, Sabah

Willenberg, Emilia

Yang, Irene

Pre Company

Ahlquist, Ingrid

Arakelian, Isabelle

Casby, Chloe

Duke, Evelyn

Hewson, Finlay

Kinsey, Reagan

Langeler, Skylie

Laskos, Kennedy

Lewis, Camryn

Luo, Makayla

McCleary, Kenzington

McCurdy, Tess

Pack, Mila

Perez, Olivia

Perna, Vivian

Root, Carter

Slonski, Kai

St. Hilaire, Alexa

Wang, Claire

Womak, Masyn

Zhang, Serena

Little Spartans

Helms, River

Irvin, Winifred

Kongstad, Vibeke

Lewis, Eliana

McCleary, Gillian

Perna, Evelyn

Schmidt, Sawyer

Wipple, Aubrey

Wroblewski, Hannah

Start-Up Details

STEP 1:  Join our communication systems

                          -  Text dancers name & the team they are joining

                              to 517-225-0096

                          -  Request on Facebook to join

                             "Spartan Dance Company - Parent Group"

STEP 2Register for summer dance requirements

Little Spartans 

      Required  -  1 Summer Camp through SDC (more encouraged) 

                        -   Little Spartan / Pre Company Kick off Camp

                            (July 24 - July 28 from 12:30 - 3:00)


              Cost  -  First 2 camps - $125.  Additional camps $100


        Register  -  Text selected camps to texting system 

Pre Company

       Required  -   Must attend 2 summer camp at SDC


                             1 summer camp at SDC & 1 evening class

                          -  Little Spartan / Pre Company Kick off Camp

                             (July 24 - July 28 from 12:30 - 3:00)


               Cost   -    First 2 camps - $125.  Additional camps $100 

                               $65 - $95 for a 6 week dance session 


         Register   -    Text selected camps to texting system 

​​Part-Time Company

           Required  -  8/7 - 8/11: Ballet Intensive from 9:30 - 12:30pm

                             -   9/5 - 9/8:   Choreography camp from 4:00 - 8:00pm


                    Cost  -  $170 Ballet Intensive (charged on 7/1)

                                 $190 Choreography camp (charged on 8/1)


              Register  -  Auto enrolled for Ballet Intensive & Choreo Camp

​​First Step Company / Full Company

            Required  -  7/26 - Full Company Team Photos (MSU Campus)

                                  8/7 - 8/11: Ballet Intensive from 9:30 - 4:00pm

                                  9/5 - 9/8: Choreography Camp from 4:00 - 8:00pm


                     Cost  -   $325 Ballet Intensive (charged on 7/1)

                                   $190 Choreography Camp (charged on 8/1)


               Register  -   Auto enrolled for Intensive & Choreo Camp

STEP 3: Sign Up for individual parent meeting

-  Individual parent meetings will be held via Zoom
   Each family should sign up for 1 meeting time

-  Little Spartans/Pre Company - Click Sign Up 

-  First Step & Part Time Company - Click Sign Up

-  Last years Full Company/First Step Dancers - Click Sign Up 

Little Spartans / PreCompany Meeting Link

Full Company / First Step / Part Time Meeting Link

STEP 4:  Receive dancers Fall Schedule

-  Dancers individual 2023 - 2024 schedule will be released after

Nationals and no later than July 11.

STEP 5:  New members Welcome Kit                     

All new dancers must purchase

Orders Due By:  June 23, 2023

                           Click HERE to place order

​​Female Dancers (All Teams) - Price $299

  • Team Leotard

  • Team warm up jacket

  • Team bag

  • Team makeup

  • Team hairclip & earrings

Male Dancers (All Teams) - Price $200

  • Team shirt

  • Team warm up jacket

  • Team bag            

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