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Tuition & Enrollment

Season Tuition Rates:          

* OPEN Enrollment (May enroll at any time as long as there is classroom availability

September 2022 - June 2023 

Spartan Dance Center's dance season runs from September 12, 2022 - June ending with a recital with all students in May.  Season tuition is divided evenly over 10 months.  Tuition includes studio breaks.

Season Fees:

Registration Fee:  $35 per dancer  (due at time of enrollment)


Season Tuition Fees:

30 minute class                 $450/year 

45 minute class                 $550/year

60 minute class                 $650/year 

Payment Plans:

Equal Payment over 10 months

(Payments run September - June)

30 minute class            $45 / month 

45 minute class            $55 / month 

60 minute class            $65 / month 

Paid in Full

For paid in full option, please contact the studio at time of registration.

Summer Rates:          

June 2023 - August 2023 

Summer Class Fees: 6 week summer class session

30 minute class            $65  (One time fee)

45 minute class            $80  (One time fee)

60 minute class            $95  (One time fee)

Summer Camp Fee: 1 week long camp (3 hours daily)

$275 per camp          

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