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  1. PLEASE check the list below for your dancers shoe and tight requirements for each competition competition dance (PreCompany & Little Spartans also lists recital)

  2. Once your list is complete, please click the link below to submit order.

Full Company


                   All Female Dancers:          Black jazz shoes, Fishnet tights

                       All Male Dancers:          Black jazz shoes


                   Senior Jazz (famale):        Flesh tone turners, No tights

                      Senior Jazz (male):        Black jazz shoes, black socks


               Teen Jazz (all dancers):        Flesh tone turners, No tights

                                                            (This dance may require jazz shoe)


                         Jr Jazz (female):          Flesh tone turners, No tights

                            Jr Jazz (male):          Black jazz shoe, black socks 



                     Senior small group:          New tap shoes, No tights, socks

                     Senior large group:           Tie tap shoes, No tights


                                      Preteen:           New tap shoes, No tights

                                        Junior:            Tie tap shoes, No tights, socks


                     Senior 1 (female):             Flesh tone shoes & Tights

                                      (male):             Black shoe, Black sock

                                   Senior 2:             Flesh tone shoes & Tights


                                    Preteen:             Flesh tone shoes, No tights

                         Junior (female):             Flesh tone shoes & Tights

                                       (male):             Black shoe, black sock

Hip Hop:

                               Senior (All):              Nike black shoes, Black socks

                     Full Company/PT:              Converse - High top black


                                    Preteen:             Nike white shoes, white socks


Musical Theater:

                            All male parts:             Black jazz shoes

                         All female parts:             Flesh tone turners

                   Both male & female:             Black jazz & turners

Lyrical (Preteen/Teen):                          Flesh tone turners, No tights

Contemporary (Teen/Senior):               Flesh tone turners, No tights

Part Time Company

Jazz 1 & 2:                Caramel jazz shoes, Suntan tights

Tap 1 & 2:                  Tie tap shoes, Suntan tights

Hip Hop:                   Converse - High top black, Black socksk

Lyrical:                      Flesh tone turners, No tights

Pre Company

Jazz (female):            Caramel jazz shoes, No tights

            (male):            Black Jazz shoe, Black socks

Tap (All):                     Slip on tap shoes, No tights

Ballet (female):           Pink ballet shoes, Pink tights

              (male):k         Black ballet shoes, Black socks

Little Spartans

Jazz:                             Caramel jazz shoes, Suntan tights

Tap:                               Slip on tap shoes, Suntan tights

Ballet:                            Pink ballet shoes, Pink tights

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