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Teaching Assistant Program

Dancers who have at least 3 years of previous Full Company experience can apply for the Teaching Assistant Program. This program is designed to give current students hands-on experience towards becoming trained dance instructors and mature leaders. Assistant approval is determined by the director and staff.

The opportunity to serve as a Teaching Assistant is not only a great honor and responsibility, but also an invaluable learning experience that may result in future work reference and teaching opportunities. Teaching Assistants represent Spartan Dance Center and must be exemplary students and volunteers. Any misconduct, poor behavior, poor sportsmanship, disrespect of their instructors or fellow dancers in the classroom or at performances/events will result in an immediate termination of position

Dance Teaching Assistant Requirements

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Dance Teaching Assistant Expectations

  • Arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled class time

  • Be professional, and show enthusiasm without being disruptive

  • Learn dancer names and work to connect with students

  • Notify instructor and assistant director if late or absent from assigned duties. Secondary assistants are required to get another secondary assistant to cover if they need to miss more than twice. (Please note: Dance Teaching Assistants could be dismissed if the maximum absences are exceeded.)

  • Demonstrate proper technique, etiquette and behavior in the classroom, as well as the studio

  • Dress appropriately and follow dancer dress code for each class. Must be respectful, proactive, and helpful in any task the instructor may ask

  • Give correction with confidence and in a positive way

Dance Teaching Assistant Responsibilities

 *Previous year responsibilities are included in the succeeding years*

After year 4 (Secondary Assistant status): Each assistant will be assessed on a case by case scenario in regards to teaching, co-teaching, etc. Once in a co-teaching or higher position, they will still be required to assist for a minimum of 2 years in the style of class they are co-teaching for. Also, in order to co-teach or teach a different style/genre, he/she must assist in that style for a year before being eligible. Finally, as a co-teacher/teacher of Spartan Dance Center, you are committing to Spartan Dance Center exclusively with the exception of master or drop-in classes, i.e. no teaching/assisting or enrollment elsewher

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Dance Assistant Application

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