Spartan Dance Center's commitment

Spartan Dance Center has been working diligently over the last few months to implement health procedures and guidelines to offer the safest environment for our dance families.  We are monitoring daily government policy, state changes and public health organizations and WILL continue to make changes as necessary.

We place heavy emphasis on the health and safety of every client, family and community member surrounding us.  This uncharted territory can be challenging for everyone; but the plan below, coupled with personal responsibility, presents our best efforts to keep our dancers, families and staff safe.

Updated October 4, 2021

*  Protocol  


If you are notified from SDC that you are a close contact, the information we give is for SDC classes only.  

  • Day 0 is considered the day that your dancer was in close contact with the positive test case.


Vaccinated Dancers: 

  1. Dancer should monitor symptoms for 10 days.  Any positive Covid test should be reported to SDC immediately.

  2. Dancers can continue to dance in person.  SDC will test dancer once to reenter the building after close contact. 

  3. Parent should contact their respective school to follow your schools rules and guidelines to continue with school. 

Unvaccinated Dancers: 

  1. Dancer should monitor symptoms for 10 days.  Any positive Covid test should be reported to SDC immediately.

  2. SDC will test dancer on day 7 to reenter the building and dance in person. 

  3. If you choose to serial test your dancer on your own, dancer can remain in person with providing negative daily test results to SDC.

  4. Parent should contact their respective school to follow your schools rules and guidelines to continue with school. 

                            Day 0:                                                                     Test to Stay Date: 

               (Date dancer was exposed )                                    (Day dancer needs to be tested if choosing option 2)

                             Monday                                                                                  Monday

                             Tuesday                                                                                 Tuesday

                           Wednesday                                                                            Wednesday

                            Thursday                                                                                Thursday

                              Friday                                                                                     Friday

What to expect (2-18 years old)
*  SDC entering the building protocol 

Spartan Dance Center is committed to the health of our community, our dancer/ninja family, and our staff.  We are taking every precaution to keep everyone safe, this includes temperature checks.

Temperature check: 

        Any persons entering the building, including staff, will have their temperature checked.  According to the CDC, any reading above 100.4 is considered to have a fever and will not be allowed into the building.

Mask Requirement 

        -  All unvaccinated persons entering the building ages 2 and up are required to wear a mask.  Though the CDC requirements are 5 and above, they still highly recommend anyone 2 and older wear a mask.  In our best efforts to prevent the spread in an active sport, we will require masks for anyone 2 and above that is unvaccinated. 

Michigan Safer Spots: 13 and older participants in class:

      -  Spartan Dance Center will continue to follow state, CDC and Michigan Athletic orders.  These orders currently include mandated weekly testing for athletes 13 and older.  We are committed to the health of our community, our dancer/ninja family, and our staff.  We are taking every precaution to keep everyone safe, this includes temperature checks and wearing masks.

Personal Basket: 

       -   Each dancer or ninja who enters the building will be given a sanitized laundry basket for use throughout their evening at the studio.  Dancers/Ninja's are to    keep all of their belongings (waterbottle, outdoor shoes, jackets, etc) inside their laundry basket which will travel with them in and out of their assigned classroom.  

Exiting the Building: 

       -   Dancers/Ninjas will return to the lobby and wait on their assigned spot to wait for their parent to pick them up through the drive thru line.  While waiting on      their spot, dancers/ninjas will change shoes, put on outdoor clothing and pack their bag.  Once dancer/ninja is called out for parent pick up they will place their basket in the dirty pile and exit the building with a staff member to be brought to their parents car. 


We know this is a lot of information and change, but please remember that we have made these adjustments to keep us all safe and to help us keep our doors open.  If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, your dancer should take SDC at Home classes for 14 days after symptoms subside.  It is advised by the CDC that any person's exposed to COVID get COVID tested.  THANK YOU!


Degree of Separation for Dancer: 

     a.   You, or anyone you are living with, have/has been exposed to COVID, dancer should take SDC at home.

     b.   You have had outside exposure but are not displaying symptoms. 


When Can my Dancer Return to In-Person Class:  

     a.   Dancer may return to in-person classes 7 days after a negative test result.  * Due to the high number of false negative tests.


COVID Exposure

*  When to take SDC at Home 

 Reporting Protocol

*  SDC & Health Department 

The well-being of our SDC students, faculty, and communities are our highest priority. We are committed to closely monitoring, reporting, and cooperating with contact tracing and notification procedures.  Our SDC Site Manager will execute the reporting process and report if any staff or participants show signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Each situation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

When to contact SDC:

 It is imperative to contact SDC immediately if any dancer, or persons living with dancer has been exposed, is being tested or is being treated for COVID-19.   

Who to contact:

517-490-4834 (Shawn)

517-599-3055 (Tiffany)

Travel Guidelines

*  SDC & CDC 

SDC will be following the CDC along with SDC policies for the safety of our dancers, dance families and staff.  

Any Domestic Travel:

 Upon returning back to residence, dancer/staff must:

       -  THIS ORDER IS LIFTED: Take SDC from home for 7 days after returning home (with a negative test result)  

       -  THIS ORDER IS LIFTED: Take SDC from home for 10 days after returning home (without a negative Covid test result)

International Travel:

Please reach out directly tot

517-490-4834 (Shawn)

517-599-3055 (Tiffany)

 After Positive Test

*  Return to Class 

SDC has been working closely with the Ingham County Health Department in following all protocol.    All dancers & staff are asked to follow the below steps for a safe return after testing positive.


  1. Contact SDC by the numbers listed above

  2. The Health Department should be in contact with you to start your isolation quarantine.  

  3. THIS ORDER IS LIFTED: The Health Department will issue a "Release from Isolation" letter once your quarantine is over.

  4. THIS ORDER IS LIFTED: Please provide a copy via email:

For Referance:

517-887-4311    Ingham County Health Department

Dressing/showering will not be allowed at the studio until further notice.  Please help us practice these safety measures by having your dancer prepared before arriving to the studio.


How to make sure my dancer is prepared: 

     a.   Dancers should come dressed in their full dance attire (excluding dance shoes), wearing outer wear on top.

     b.   Hair should also be fully secured, off the face. (We highly suggest a bun during dance for our female dancers)

     c.   All clothing and shoes need to be kept in a dance bag. (Dance bag should be clearly labeled and big enough to keep coats, outdoor shoes, etc inside)

     d.   It is crucial that all belongings are removed from the studio after class.  Due to COVID, we have eliminated our Lost & Found


 Steps for Taking Class

*  Arriving to the studio 

Until further notice, we will be limiting attendance to 25% capacity for social distancing.  Each dance space will exceed recommendations by having a 8’ x 8’ dance space per dancer.  SDC will continue working within the state guidelines and implement health procedures for safe classroom management.


How to make sure my dancer is prepared: 

     a.   Dancers should maintain social distancing while entering and exiting the classroom.

     b.   Dancers will be instructed where to place their dance bag to maintain proper social distancing.  

     c.   THIS ORDER IS LIFTED: Dancers will be assigned a place at the barre or on the floor. Each spot has a clearly taped (on-the-floor) ‘box’, which will be their own personal space to dance. These boxes were laid out in compliance with the CDC and Dance USA’s safety guidelines for sports and dance studios.

     d.   Once dancers are in their personalized place, the instructor will provide direction on how and when to safely move in the room

     e.   Music will be played at a softer volume. (The louder the music, the louder the instructor would have to project, potentially causing droplets to travel further.)

      f.     The water fountain will not be available for use by anyone in the studio. Each dancer should have his/her own water bottle. (Tip: We are finding that  bottles with straws are much easier to use when wearing masks.)

 In Class

*  What to expect in the classroom 

Drop off and pickup will be done outside the studio’s main entrance. We request dancers and staff only inside the studio. We ask that parents wait outside the building.  Spartan Dance Center is working on a closed circuit, password protected feed to watch your dancer's class at all times, from your car, home or office!


Dropping Off Your Dancer:

    a.  We ask that only one parent/guardian accompanies the student(s) to the studio for drop off/pick up. 

          * All family members are expected to follow our safety protocols.

     b.  Facial coverings are required at all times - you will not be allowed on the premises without. When masks are not required any longer, we will notify you of new procedures. If you do not have a facial covering, we will have a supply for purchase.

     c.  A touch free temperature will be taken for each person entering the building:  Dancers, parents, and staff included.  According the CDC, everyone with a temperature over 100.4 is considered to have a fever and will not be allowed into the building. 

     d.  THIS ORDER IS LIFTED: Please be prepared to answer a few standardized questions referring to COVID-prevention guidelines.

     e.  The CDC recommends hand washing / sanitizing as one of the best practices to avoid transmission of the virus. We ask that each dancer wash their hands or uses one of our hand sanitizing stations upon entering the building. 


Picking Up Your Dancer:

      a.  Clearly print your dancer's first and last name on an 8x10 sheet of paper.

      b.  Display paper in the passenger side window

      c.  A staff member will call the names of dancers as you go through the pick up line to prevent congestion. 

      d.  Dancers who drive themselves will enter and exit through the main doors.


Creative Movement Dancers:

      a.  We ask that ONE parent/guardian stay with creative movement dancers during class.

      b.  Parent/guardian will be asked to follow the same "Drop off procedures" listed above

While in the Building:

      a.   Dancers should not congregate in common areas at any time.

      b.   THIS ORDER IS LIFTED: Everyone is expected to move through the studio following floor stickers for appropriate pathways to dance & rest rooms.

      c.   All interior classroom doors will remain open to prevent touch points throughout the building. 

      d.   THIS ORDER IS LIFTED: Signs will be on the ground marking 6ft physical distance spacing in the lobby and in the hall.

      e.   Chairs are placed according to physical distancing practices around the studio (please do not move)

 Drop off & pick up

*  Entering the building 

 Restroom Procedures

*  Locker room facilities 

Please try to use the restrooms at home prior to coming to SDC.  The number of people in restrooms will be limited to allow for proper social distancing and frequent cleaning.  During class, instructors will monitor emergency bathroom use for dancers.

If you do need to use the facilities at any time, please follow these instructions: 

     a.    The locker stalls rooms are the only restrooms open.

     b.    Locker room main door will be left open to eliminate touching the handle after you have washed your hands. 

     c.    Please use the restroom promptly.  

     d.    Before leaving the restroom, wash hands using our new touch free soap dispensers and driers.  


*  To eliminate dancers from exiting and re-entering the room once class has begun, we ask all parents to have dancers use the bathroom facilities before entering SDC.  Thank you!

All cleaning procedures will follow CDC recommendations. Any areas that are frequently touched such as barres, door handles, light switches, railings, floors, music controls and bathroom surfaces will be cleaned multiple times daily.


SDC Guidelines for facility cleaning & classroom separation: 

     a.    Classes will be staggered to avoid dancers exiting and entering the studios at the same time.

     b.    Medical-grade air purifiers will be running in each individual dance studio

     c.    SDC has built in 10 minutes between classes to allow for cleaning by instructor.  Items to be cleaned include:

             i.    Ballet barres 

             ii.   Floors and any other areas touched by anyone

             iii.  Sound equipment

             iv.  Door handles (though doors will remain open at all times)

             v.   Livestream computer system

             vi.  Common areas, including door frame, immediately outside of the classroom 

      d.    Spartan Dance Center has purchased a "fogging" machine that is used daily with medical grade cleaner.


* We thank you for your patience between classes!  This is our best way to keep each room sanitized and prepared for the next class. 


 Studio & Staff Policy

*  CDC guidelines  

This COVID-19 Response Plan will be communicated through online and in-person training to all staff. The completion of training will be required and documented. All staff will have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions prior to the start of work.


The Owner, Company Director, Studio Manager, and instructors will be our designated Health Supervisors and will be responsible for ensuring the health and safety protocols are being successfully implemented and followed by each staff member and participant.


Our Management Team will closely monitor how effective the response plan is being implemented by daily evaluations, logs, and feedback. We will work closely together and will update health and safety training protocols as necessary.

 Staff Preparedness 

*  SDC Staff Policy & Plan 

Sign in to SDC at Home if: 

    a.    You, or anyone you are living with, have/has been sick within the past 14 days.

    b.    You have traveled out-of-state without a negative COVID test.

    c.    You, or anyone you are living with, are/is exhibiting any of the following symptoms.

Symptoms Include: ​

  • cold 

  • cough 

  • sore throat 

  • fever/chills 

  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

  • fatigue 

  • muscle or body aches 

  • headache 

  • lost of taste or smell 

  • congestion or runny nose

  • nausea or vomiting

  • diarrhea 

  • flu-like symptoms


Illness & Flu-like Symptoms

*  When to take SDC at Home classes 

Best Practices to Prevent Transmission of Flu & COVID-19


We continue to encourage all students to follow good practices to prevent the spread of illness. Some examples are below:

       1.  Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Twenty seconds is roughly the time it takes to sing  “Happy Birthday” twice. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


       2.  Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces often (phones, desks, keyboards, door handles, etc).


       3.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.


       4.  Practice good respiratory hygiene: Cover your cough or sneeze and immediately throw tissues in the trash followed by hand washing even while wearing a mask.


       5.  If you’ve not already gotten one, a flu shot is encouraged.  Although it will not protect against COVID-19, it can protect or impact the severity of the flu.


       6.  Practice and encourage students to follow social distancing rules: Stay at least 6 feet away from others, or more when possible.


       7.  Wash hands before preparing food, eating, drinking, and after using the restroom.


       8.  Do not share food, beverages or belongings with other dancers.


       9.  Do laundry often:  masks, dance attire including tights, bed sheets, pillow cases, etc.  If possible, launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely.


      10.  Wipe down dance shoes when you return from dance class. 


Masks During Dance


As in most things during this COVID-19 Pandemic, we are in uncharted territories when it comes to operating our school under new conditions and safety regulations. What is very clear is that we must wear masks to help protect our students, families and faculty while participating in classes at the studio. However, dancing in a mask also raises concerns for safety as airflow into the lungs will undoubtedly be restricted.  It is encouraging to know that this is not the first time masks have been used for athletic training - many high level athletes use specialized masks that restrict airflow to simulate training at higher altitudes! Experts have said that exercising in masks is safe, as long as you take a few things into consideration. When training at altitude athletes gradually ramp up to allow their bodies time to adjust to the smaller amount of oxygen that is available to the muscles as they work. Eventually the body will adjust to accommodate, allowing the body to become more efficient at using the oxygen it has. 


DDC faculty has discussed the implications of wearing a mask while dancing and the safety measures that need to be taken.  All instructors will choose exercises accordingly to help our students' bodies adjust as they get used to the restricted airflow. Additionally, all instructors have been made aware of the warning signs that dancers are not getting enough air and will remind students often to take a break and let the instructor know if they are experiencing any of the following: lightheadedness, dizziness, tingling, numbness, or shortness of breath. As parents, you can help us by having a conversation with your dancer, reinforcing the importance of taking a break if they are feeling any of these symptoms. Additionally, if your dancer has an existing respiratory condition, such as asthma, please make sure to inform SDC staff so that we can help them to be safe. SDC is also taking additional measures to help dancers to be as comfortable as possible.


CNET wrote a wonderful article about exercising with masks. They interviewed 2 physical therapists and conditioning specialists, Grayson Wickham and Scott McAfee. CNET writes:


“Different masks have varying levels of airflow restriction, depending on the thickness of the material," McAfee says. "With less air, your body has less available oxygen to utilize during exercise to convert glucose [sugar] into energy.”


McAfee says that anyone, even those who have a relatively high level of fitness, should expect to fatigue faster when exercising with a face mask, comparing this scenario to altitude training or wearing an oxygen deprivation mask to elicit greater respiratory fitness (this is something that elite athletes do). 


“Over a few weeks, your body will certainly adapt by becoming more efficient at metabolizing oxygen, but this takes time," McAfee says. "If you start to feel dizzy, imbalanced, or overly fatigued, stop.  Be smart [and] don't over do it.”


While we would all prefer to dance mask-less, let’s keep this silver lining in mind as we approach these uncharted territories. As we carefully start back up, this is an opportunity to be stronger than we were before!


To read the full article by CNET, click HERE

Is wearing a mask while dancing safe for my dancer?