2021-2022 Recital
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Recital will be held at:
Okemos High School

Location:  2800 Jolly Road
                  Okemos, MI 48864




Live Ticket Purchase:

Live event tickets can be purchased through TutuTix

Ticket sales open: March 1, 2022

When:  9:00am

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May 18, 2022 - TBD
Dress Rehearsal: Okemos High School

* Dress Rehearsal is TBD (if needed)

Thursday May 19, 2022 - TBD
Thursday recital is TBD (if needed)

Friday, May 20, 2022 - TBD

Friday recital time is TBD

Saturday, May 21, 2022 - TBD

Saturday recital time is TBD

Show Lineup

"Take Two"
SDC Summer Outdoor Dance Concert


Our outdoor summer concert will take place June 11th, 12th, and 13th on a raised, covered stage in the SDC parking lot. With the event being outdoors this year, things will run a little differently, so please take some time to go over this e-mail with your dancer, family, and guests so they feel prepared walking into the event.

  • Call Time – Check-In Time for dancers for the shows will be as follows:

    • Saturday, June 12th - 4:30-4:40 P.M.

    • Sunday, June 13th - 4:30-4:40 P.M.

  • Lineup - A lineup for each of the three shows is available on the recital page of the website https://www.spartandancecenter.com/showlineup

  • Check-In – Once you arrive, enter though the ticket tent at the south side of the parking lot.  (Dancers will NOT be required to have a ticket to enter, all other guest will need a ticket).  Upon entering, please find the Dancer check-in tent located stage right (North-West side of the parking lot).  Once you have checked your dancer in, please set up your seats (keeping social distancing).  DANCERS WILL REMAIN WITH PARENTS UNTIL 5 NUMBERS BEFORE THEIR DANCE TAKES STAGE.  At this time, dancers will meet their teacher at the check-in tent.

  • Dressing Rooms – Dancers with costume changes will be allowed to enter the building after check-in to place costumes in the appropriate dressing room.  Dancers will again exit the building to remain with parent until 5 numbers before they take stage. After your dancer is finished with their first number, please take them to the dressing room to change and bring them back to sit with you again.  Dressing room assignments are:

    • Boys - Studio 6

    • Girls – Studio 3

  • General Traffic Flow/Seating/Event Notes - Please follow the arrows and park in available parking spaces in our parking lot.  All guest will enter though the ticket tent.  All spectators age 4 and over will need a ticket, which can be purchased ahead of time through our website. It will be concert-style seating, so all spectators should pack their own seating which they can set up in any of the marked off areas. For the enjoyment of all, we ask you to remind your guests to set up their seating between the designated areas, leaving the aisles clear and maintaining distance between their seating and their neighbors for easy entrances and exits. Also, please remind your guests to exit and enter the seating area between, not during numbers should they need to purchase concessions, use the restroom (located inside SDC), or change their dancer. This will ensure that all spectators have a clear view of their child's performance(s).

  • Concessions/Flowers - At the event, there will be water bottles, concessions, food from Buddies, and flowers for sale. 

  • Livestream - While having to utilize livestream has been an unfortunate part of our temporary normal for the past year, there is one upside - for the first time ever, we will be livestreaming our recital! This means that out of town family and friends who normally would not be able to attend will still be able to watch! There is a link on our website for ticket & livestream purchase!  

  • Safety Precautions – With mask restrictions, Spartan Dance Center will continue to keep safety as our highest priority.  At our outdoor event, masks WILL only be required if entering the building; Please keep in mind that social distancing will be required at all times.  Dancers will NOT be required to wear a mask while on stage.  Dancers who would prefer to wear masks onstage may absolutely do so! 

  • Weather Contingency Plan - We are keeping our fingers crossed for wonderful summer weather! Please let spectators know to dress for the weather. In the event of very inclement weather, we will make the necessary adjustments.

  • School of Rock Pre Show – Friday night is a donation event, that will kick off with an exciting performance from School of Rock!   Performance will begin at 5:30 with our dancers taking stage at 6:00!  

  • Recital Website Link - https://www.spartandancecenter.com/recital



Costumes/Shoes/Hair/Make Up

HAIR/MAKEUP– Hair for all dancers (other than competitive team kids) should be put in a low bun.  All loose hair should be slicked back with hair spray.   Hair should be slicked back.  Boys may style their hair as they wish while keeping hair from falling into their eyes.


Creative Movement – Assigned costume, pink ballet tights and ballet shoes (black for boys, pink for girls)


Intro to Dance – Assigned costume, tan tights, jazz shoes (black for boys, pink for girls)


Ballet/Contemporary Classes – All ballet and contemporary classes should wear their assigned costume, pink tights and ballet shoes.  


Jazz/Acro Classes – Assigned costume, tan tights, black acro shoes


Tap Classes – Assigned costume, tan tights, black matte tap shoes


Hip Hop Classes – Assigned costume, no tights, black tennis shoes with white laces 


Take 2 Classes – Costume, tights (if needed).  Dancers who are in a hip-hop costume may wear black tennis shoes.  All other dancers may wear jazz OR ballet shoes.


Musical Theater – Assigned costume, tan tights, tan jazz shoes





DVD/Blu Ray Purchase 


Recital DVD or Blu Ray’s will be available for purchase.   You will receive Friday night, Saturday night AND Sunday night.  To place an order for your DVD or Blu Ray, please text the following to our system:  Dancer’s name and if you’d like to purchase a blu ray or dvd.   


Your card will be charged as follows:  DVD - $45 Blu Ray - $55

Send Text to:  517-225-0096

Dancer Information
*Last years info for reference

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my dancer?

No, dancers will not need a ticket for recital unless they are coming to a different performance to watch.

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my toddler/baby?

Babies or toddlers 3 and under will not need a ticket.

Can I go into the dressing room to see my dancer at intermission?

* DOES NOT APPLY FOR OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE. For the safety of our dancers, we do not allow parents, relatives, siblings, or friends into the dressing room at intermission. If there is an emergency, you may talk to the Spartan Dance Staff that is assigned to your child's dressing room.

Are all dancers assigned to a dressing room?

- For our outdoor dance performance this year, dancers will have an assigned seat with their class on the side stage. Dancers will be able to watch the show until it is their call time to go backstage. SDC Staff will then take your dancer back stage for their performance. - Competitive Dancers will be assigned a dressing room to change costumes. * DOES NOT APPLY FOR OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE - Our youngest dancers who are in Creative Movement are the only dancers who are not assigned to a dressing room. Please rest assured that each dressing room is staffed with your children's dance instructors, their other classmates and parents of your dancers classmates. If you would like to volunteer to be in a dressing room, click on the volunteer link below.

Can I watch my dancer perform from backstage if I am volunteering?

* DOES NOT APPLY FOR OUR OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE. For the safety of all dancers in the dressing room, we ask that all parents volunteering remain in the dressing room during the show. We recommend that parents volunteer for one performance and purchase tickets to watch the other.